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praise for will ferguson


"Ferguson has great skill. 

      He perfectly lays in all the bits and pieces that have to add up, so the reader says, “Of course!” when the plot finally unfolds. He does so with such a subtle hand, making them look like bits of incidental information, or colour, that you’re always wondering but can never quite guess until it’s time for the payoff.  

      That’s the mark of a superb storyteller."

                                                                                      --VUE Magazine 



"Happiness: A must-read book!"

                          - Vogue UK


"He bears comparison with North America's leading satirists. But where Joseph Heller is heavy, Tom Wolfe is dark and Carl Hiaasen is strident, Ferguson is light, bright and very funny."

                          - The Daily Mail


"Will Ferguson takes no prisoners."

                          - W.P. Kinsella


"Frequently and savagely ironic, he is also not afraid to declare his feelings--which means you trust both his humour and his insights."

                          - The Guardian


"Will Ferguson is a very gifted writer."

                          - Bill Bryson


"Fantastically offbeat and brimming with irony, poetry and insight."

                          - The Scotsman


"Beneath that thick skin lies a poetic soul."

                          - Sunday Times









"Sometimes touching, sometimes amusing and always true. As a wordsmith and a traveller, Ferguson knows where he is going."

- Boston Globe


 "Sharp-eyed and irreverent."

-Washington Post



"Poisonously funny. If I wasn't already a smoker, drinker and misanthrope, I'd start tomorrow."

- Anthony Bourdain



"Ferguson delves into the soul of the cities he visits, sometimes climbing into helicopters, seaplanes and kayaks, and attending underground poetry slams."

- Airlines Magazine


 "Aldous Huxley meets Carl Hiaasen."

- The Independent



"If Douglas Adams and P.J. O'Rourke ever had an extraterrestrial Satanic love-child, it would probably write like Will Ferguson. That is, it would be observant, attitudinal, occasionally offensive and funny."

- Los Angeles Times